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Press News Articles Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell on Land Select Committee:

PM Philip "Brave" Davis on COP26 Sky News Interview

PM Philip "Brave" Davis Announces cancelling any RCL deal


Advocacy group urges government to scrutinize Royal Caribbean’s PI Project.


New Advocacy Group Aims to Secure Government Support.


HOLDING HIM TO IT: Environmentalists trust new PM Davis to keep pledge over PI Crown land deal with Royal Caribbean


Pi Entrepreneur Confident In New Gov’T On Lease Fight


“He will Honor It”


The Battle is not over: Paradise Island developer still urging Royal Carobbean to back off Crown land


Royal Caribbean Pushes Back PI Club Completion


Top Cruise Giant Running Roughshod over PPI fight.


“Will Davis take on RCL if PLP wins”


Cruise Giant “Can’t Recognise” Rival’s Pi Crown Land Lease


A Bahamian fighting for “equal” treatment as foreign investors

Royal Caribbean’s Pi Lease Threatens Dispute Resolution

Royal Caribbean now has Crown land and seabed leases

08JUN21 Editorial: Another Court Defeat- So Will Govt Now Wait?

03JUN21 Royal Caribbean: No Crown Land Lease For $110m Project

26MAY21 Fighting for Project’s Approval for Ten Years

07MAY21 Leaked Communications

06MAY21 QC Rejects Ag’s Assertion on Pi Crown Land Fight,case%20was%20%E2%80%9Cgoing%20nowhere%E2%80%9D.


Glenys Hanna Martin House of Assembly Proceedings: trimmed

05MAY21 Ag Admitted That Royal Caribbean “Unreasonable:

03MAY21 Govt’s Poor Treatment Of Bahamians

29APR21 Concerns voiced over Royal Caribbean Beach club development during fiery town hall

22APR21 Pi Entrepreneur Says: “Crumbs Not Enough”

15APR21 “Double Edged Sword”

13APR21 Agency Seeking “Outstanding” Pi Royal Caribbean Lease Approval

09APR21 Entrepreneur “bewildered” by site plan review for Royal Caribbean beach club

01APR21 Pi Entrepreneur Makes “Let’s Go Pm” Challenge

31MAR21 Fed up with second-class treatment of Bahamian entrepreneurs

03FEB21 $2m Pi Entrepreneur Takes Govt To Court


Govt sued over Crown Land

Entrepreneur tired of “begging like a jonser”

Govt Sued Over Pi Project “U-Turn”,with%20the%20Government%20to%20court.

10JUN20 Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd

03JUN20 Bahamian Investor Toby Smith Fights for Paradise Island Lighthouse


Time to put Bahamian investors first

Lighthouse Project Will Be Good For Everyone

18MAY20 Govt Is Urged: “Let Bahamians Thrive”,the%20economy%20after%20COVID%2D19.

13MAR20 The Hog Island Lighthouse


Bahamian project remains in limbo as Crown land conflict unresolved

Pi Entrepreneur: Pm Gave Me Assurance


PLP threatens to cancel RCI deal:


Plp: 'We'll Terminate' Pi Deal For Royal Caribbean

05MAR20 In The Bahamas, Bahamians must come first

04MAR20 Shame On Govt

03MAR20 Bay Street’s “Survival” Fears On Royal Caribbean Pi Deal

02MAR20  “Pushed Into Corner” On Royal Caribbean Deal

Ag: Entrepreneur “Extremely Selfish”

25FEB20 Plans underway to restore country’s oldest lighthouse

17FEB 2020 Transformation of PI lighthouse site will cost $2 million

13FEB20 The efforts to restore Hog Island Lighthouse

04FEB20 $2m Lighthouse Project Aiming To “Energise” Pi,historical%20sites%22%20throughout%20this%20nation.


Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club, Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd Unveiling Project

29JAN19 Tourist Airlift Capacity Up 20% In Q1

31MAY18 Diane Phillips: A Tale Of Two Lighthouses

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