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Way back when Paradise Island, The Bahamas was named Hog Island. Piracy and wrecking (seeking to profit and plunder wrecked ships) was the order of the day and this became of mounting concern to the legitimate seafaring trade. Pressure mounted as merchant marines complained for the need for lighthouses and as a result, over the years a total of thirteen lighthouses were built in the Bahamas by the British. Twelve of those fell under Trinity House, of the Imperial Lighthouse Society of England, Hog Island Lighthouse was not included in that scope.
Construction of the Hog Island Light commenced in 1816 and completed in 1817. Since then it has served as a guiding light, a beacon of hope and navigational aid for more than two hundred years. 
Sadly, little attention has been given to the lighthouses of the Bahamas and it has mostly been private groups such as the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society that has ensured the management and operation of the lighthouse in Hope Town Abaco. Many others are slowly deteriorating and it is the goal of Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club to fully restore the Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters and create a world renowned Beach Club within close proximity.

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