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Originally constructed in 1817, the Paradise Island Lighthouse has certainly stood the test of time. For more than two hundred years it has marked the entrance Nassau, New Providence's harbour. 

Currently, it sits in a dilapidated condition and is a sad sight for all to see, especially the millions of cruise visitors to this famous port. 

Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club intends to fully restore the Lighthouse and the Keeper's Quarters so Bahamians have a national, cultural and historical collection of restored buildings that we can enjoy, be proud of and welcome our guests.

We hope to commence the restoration and development phases in the very near future, so unfortunately we are not yet open to welcome our guests.

Once complete the lighthouse will be a shining example of Bahamians coming together to create something magical.

Ultimately, the light shall shine again; brightly and serve as a visible beacon of reassurance but also as a tangible illustration to many, as hope and to protect us as a silent sentinel of the sea.

Currently, there are no amenities or ease of access. There is no dock, path or roadway to the beach or lighthouse and our project will provide safe access. We shall be able to enjoy nature trails through the natural Bahamian landscape.

We wish to contribute to the tree planting initiative and amass a great collection of common and exotic palm trees and other indigenous examples of flora and native coppice.

Please check out this cool video by clicking on the link, best seen on a computer screen with the volume up:

Restoration Project: Welcome
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